Annual Equipment Requests

2019 Annual Equipment Requests
(revised 5/7/2019)

Approved Requests:
(1.) Laptop for Director of Special Collections. (Cherry Williams)
(2.) 32″ screen for Research Services consultation room. (Brianna Marshall)
(3.) Technological Enhancement of SCUA conference room. (Cherry Williams)
(4.) Wall mount for 70″ screen. (Brianna Marshall)
(5.) Wall mount for 32″ screen. (Brianna Marshall)
(6.) Printer for Maria Davaris. (Tiffany Moxham)
(7.) Small Computers, qty 2, for Systems Monitoring in Cyberinfrastructure. (Dan Szilagyi)
(8.) Computers for Library Staff, qty 40. (Dan Szilagyi)
(9.) Monitors for Library Staff, 27-inch, qty 80. (Dan Szilagyi)
(10.) Zeta Scanner Upgrade for Special Collections. (Cherry Williams)
(11.) 70″ screen to be mounted in the Research Services workroom. (Brianna Marshall)
(12.) SAN Storage Array. (Dan Szilagyi)
(13.) Network Thermal Receipt Printer, Rivera Work Area. (Vince Novoa)
(14.) Network HP Color Laserjet Printer, Rivera Work Area. (Vince Novoa)
(15.) Zebra DS8178-SR/USB Barcode SCanner, LA3 workstation. (Vince Novoa)
(16.) Zebra GK Series GK420t thermal label printer, Rivera Receiving. (Vince Novoa)
(17.) Wireless barcode scanners with charging base, qty 3 – Raul, Phil, Leslie (Vince Novoa)
(18.) Touch screen monitors for circulation desk computers, qty 5. (Vince Novoa)
(19.) Logitech HD Pro Webcam, qty 5 – Chuck, Elisha, Joanne, Leslie, Phil. (Vince Novoa)
(20.) Barcode Duplicator, qty 1. One approved. Two were requested. (Vince Novoa)
(21.) Environmental Monitor for Server Room. (Dan Szilagyi)
(22.) Scannx book-edge flatbed scanners with Abbyy Fine Reader OCR, for ILL. (Vince Novoa)
(23.) KVM Switch for Cyberinfrastructure Desktop Efforts. (Dan Szilagyi)
(24.) Laptop for Elisa Cortez. (Tiffany Moxham)
(25.) Articulate 360 software, team subscription for 2 users (Dani Cook)
(26.) Snowball Microphone with Pop Filter and Studio Headphones, qty 1 (Dani Cook)
(27.) Camtasia 2018 Education, qty 3 (Dani Cook)
(28.) Over-the-ear Wireless Microphone for Rivera 140 (Dani Cook)

Denied Requests:
(1.) Dell 27 inch Monitor, qty 2. (Vince Novoa) NOTE: This request will be accomplished during upcoming staff workstation replacement.

Requests Awaiting Further Review:
(1.) Digital Transitions Advanced Film Scanning Kit. (Eric Milenkiewicz)
(2.) Computer Workstation to run the Digital Transitions/Phase One image capture system. (Eric Milenkiewicz)
(3.) Digital Transitions/Phase One digital camera-copy stand setup for image capture. (Eric Milenkiewicz)
(4.) Displays2Go – floor standing digital signage kiosk, 43″ screen, non-touch, qty 2. (Melanie Ramiro)
(5.) Dell Widescreen Monitor, qty 2 (contingent on acquisiton of Scannx book-edge flatbed scanners). (Vince Novoa)
(6.) Surface Pro Tablets, qty 2. (Vince Novoa)
(7.) Loom video software – pro subscription. (Vince Novoa)
(8.) Scannx book-edge flatbed scanners with Abbyy Fine Reader OCR, qty 2. (Vince Novoa)