Annual Equipment Requests

2020 Annual Equipment Requests

Approved Requests (and Requester):

  • Laptop for New Research Services Librarian (Brianna)
  • Abbyy Finereader software for Kat Koziar (Brianna)
  • Laptops for Collection Strategies, qty 2 (Carla)
  • Laptop for Software Developer (Dan)
  • Laptop for Client Support Engineer (Dan)
  • Small Computer for Systems Monitoring (Dan)
  • Public Patron Monitor Replacements, qty 50 (Dan)
  • Staff Computer Replacements, qty 20 (Dan)
  • Zeta Scanner Replacements, qty 2 (Dan)
  • Staff 27-inch Monitors, qty 40 (Dan)
  • Public Computers, qty 50 (Dan)
  • Shared Laptops for Library Staff, qty 4 (Dan)
  • Articulate 360 Software Licenses, qty 3 (Dani)
  • Omnidirectional Microphone for Rivera 140 (Dani)
  • Catchbox Microphone for Capturing Comments (Dani)
  • Calendly Premium Subscription, qty 8 (Dani)
  • Digitization Services Copystand and Camera (Kevin)
  • Legacy Media Digitization Equipment (Kevin)
  • Barcode Scanner, Wireless, for MTS (Manuel)
  • Digital Kiosks for Library Lobbies, qty 2 (Melanie)
  • Rise Vision Digital Signage Software, qty 8 (Melanie)
  • Ultrasonic Welder for Preservation (Pat)
  • Long monitor cables for new furniture, qty 15 (Vince)
  • Touchscreen Monitors for Circ/Reserves, qty 2 (Vince)
  • Wireless Barcode Scanners, with base, qty 2 (Vince)
  • Barcode Printer for Rivera Circ/Reserves (Vince)
  • Laptop for AUL Tiffany Moxham (Dan)
  • Laptop for Infrastructure Systems Engineer (Dan)
  • Logitech Camera for Library HR Director (Ann)
  • Large Display for Collection Strategies (Dan)
  • Wallmount for Collection Strategies Display (Dan)
  • Nimble SAN Transceivers and Fiber Cables (Dan)
  • Nimble SAN Redundancy Hardware Upgrade (Dan)
  • SAN Data Migration Consulting (Dan)
  • Webcam and Headset for Digital Initiatives Specialist (Dan)
  • Webcam and Headset for Cyberinfrastructure Staff (Dan)

Items Not Approved or No Longer Needed:

  • Audiovisual Enhancement for Orbach 246 (Dan) – provided by existing conference rooms.
  • Laptop for Teaching & Learning Student Workers (Dani) – provided by new staff shared laptop pool.
  • Laptop for Tech Services (Erika) – provided by new staff shared laptop pool.
  • Laptop for Digitization Services (Krystal) – reallocating existing laptop.
  • Laptop for Course Reserves Streaming (Vince) – reallocating existing laptop.
  • Flexi Book ScanCenter for ILL (Vince)
  • Canopus Analog Digital Scanner for Reserves (Vince)
  • VHS VCR Machine for Reserves Streaming (Vince) – existing interdepartmental equipment available.
  • AVTool for Reserves Streaming Services (Vince) – existing device is functioning.
  • Large Display for Access Services Orbach Meeting Room (Vince) – existing device is sufficient.
  • Tables (Surface Pro) for Access Services, qty 2 (Vince)
  • Biofit Book Truck for Access Services, qty 4 (Vince)
  • Biblioteca Tattle Tape Bookcheck (Vince)

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