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Sr. Software Developer

2020 Annual Equipment Requests Approved Requests (and Requester): Laptop for New Research Services Librarian (Brianna) Abbyy Finereader software for Kat Koziar (Brianna) Laptops for Collection Strategies, qty 2 (Carla) Laptop for Software Developer (Dan) Laptop for Client Support Engineer (Dan) Small Computer for Systems Monitoring (Dan) Public Patron Monitor Replacements, […]

Annual Equipment Requests

2019 Annual Equipment Requests(revised 5/7/2019) Approved Requests:(1.) Laptop for Director of Special Collections. (Cherry Williams)(2.) 32″ screen for Research Services consultation room. (Brianna Marshall)(3.) Technological Enhancement of SCUA conference room. (Cherry Williams)(4.) Wall mount for 70″ screen. (Brianna Marshall)(5.) Wall mount for 32″ screen. (Brianna Marshall)(6.) Printer for Maria Davaris. […]

Annual Equipment Requests